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The word of God is a gift. The Word tells us of the good news of salvation, the joy of life, and the hope of heaven. The Word is how we know the way things ought to be and that we are meant for more than this world promises.

This world promises that if you conform you will find success. Society throws out lies and tries to direct you a certain way that is contrary to God's way. To confirm means to fit the mold. A mold that is sure to leave you feeling unsatisfied and unfulfilled.

On the other hand when we seek to understand God and his ways through His Word we are able to see right through the lies. We become aware of God's mercies, the fact that he does not give us what we deserve. This compels us to worship, to leave all other things in pursuit of the one who loved us first.

The joy of transformation is that it is on going. You live ,you learn, you mess up. You change, you grow, you transform. There is an endless cycle on this earth of progress that if you press in and allow God to have His way you will transform into a new creation that only he can create through the power of His Word and spirit.

There is a joy that is unspeakable when you begin to sense the change in yourself. Even more so when those around you see your progress and give God glory because of it. Even though it can be painful there is joy in that pain.

I need to be reminded of that everyday. Especially on the days that I feel like I have taken a step back. God will continue his work of transformation in me and I will receive it with Joy.