Nov 18

Online Parenting Class: Reacting Vs Responding (part 1).

What is the difference between Reacting and Responding? Actually there is a huge difference. If you and I can understand that difference we can build bridges instead of walls in our relationships with teenagers. This month’s online parenting class is focused on helping you as a parent learn some tips to “Respond” to your teenager …

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Nov 06

Walking with God (Enoch)

Your faith life is both a public and private journey. People will be able to tell if you are walking with God or not. It really makes no sense for you to “fake it”. Being a faker does no good for you or for the people you are fooling. Let’s not kid ourselves walking with …

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Nov 05

How To Leave A Legacy That Matters Part 2

Dear Parents, I hope you enjoyed our last lesson. I really appreciated your responses to the email and the feedback you gave me. We are really beginning to build an online community of parents! If you didn’t get a chance to read it, I have posted our last session online. You can get to it by …

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