Nov 06

Walking with God (Enoch)

walkingwithgodjpegYour faith life is both a public and private journey. People will be able to tell if you are walking with God or not. It really makes no sense for you to “fake it”. Being a faker does no good for you or for the people you are fooling. Let’s not kid ourselves walking with God faithfully is no easy task. We can find always find other things to do like sleeping in, watching tv, doing household chores, or just living a busy life. The real question we need to ask our selves is “do I want to walk with God?”

Do you want to walk with God? It is a simple question with a yes or no answer but there are so many contributing factors to the followthrough. I would be willing to bet that everyone wants to walk with God or have a close relationship with Him, I mean who wouldn’t want a relationship with a all-powerful, loving, creator of the universe?

It does however come with that choice. “Yes” or “No”.

Sometimes faith is passed down from generation to generation and it is just a natural progression. Other times there it it is not faith that is passed down but abuse, alcoholism, and broken families. whatever is passed down it still comes down to a choice either you are going to follow God or “other gods”.

Lets look in Genesis for an example…

The story of Enoch has always interested me. I mean here is a guy who lived on this earth many, many years ago and “walked with God and he was not”(Gen 5:24). There is not much information about him but isn’t that enough? He lived on the earth for 365 years and fathered many children and was such a “God follower” that one day “he was not”. Wow! what a testimony. He made a choice to follow God and never wavered.

Make your choice. It’s a little different for us today. Enoch literally “walked with God”. We have to do it another way through scripture reading and study, prayer, and building each other up in the Lord. Again make your choice.


Walk with God,