Jul 03

Sunday School Teacher: Class Structure

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Sunday School Teacher: Class Structure 

Sunday School is not just about the “school” or learning aspect. It needs to be way more than that. I want to refresh your memory on how a Sunday School or Small Group should be organized. 

While teaching of the Bible is the main priority in the class if other needs are forgotten then the class cannot be effective. The three tasks of Sunday School are: 

  • Reach people for Christ
  • Teach people God’s Word
  • Minister to people’s needs

It’s all about people! Knowing these three tasks can greatly help us in setting up a support structure within the class itself. We will need three main roles filled. Teachers, Outreach Leaders, & Care Group Leaders. 


The teachers task is simply to teach people God’s Word. While the definition is simple the task takes much preparation and prayer which we have already spoken of in our last few entries. Sunday School Teacher: Essentials & Sunday School Teacher: Preparation.

Outreach Leader(s)

A Sunday School class with an outreach focus should be able to reproduce or create a new group at least once a year. We need to be on the look out for new prospects who we can enroll in Sunday School. I believe these can be found in three places.

  • People who attend worship regularly but are not in a Sunday School class.
  • New visitors form the church.
  • People already on your roll but you have not seen in a while.

It is in the context of Biblical community where people will be challenged and encouraged to grow in their faith. We must do out reach effectively if we are to reach more people for Christ.

And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near. Hebrews 10:24-25

Care Group Leader(s)

This would be the in-reach portion of our classes. The job of this person(s) might consist of recording prayer requests and sending them out to the members. We need to “care” for the members of our class. When people know they are loved they will keep coming back. This person may also be responsible for organizing a class fellowship every so often. 

Sunday School is the back bone of the church. It is in the contact of Biblical community that people will open up and “get real”.

Does your class have these people in place? If not would you consider trying to find someone for these roles? No one is meant to lead a class on their own. While someone could do more than one role, I would suggest and request that our classes are team led. This enable more resources or time and heart to be spent on making our groups all that they can be for Christ. 


While there are many ways a class could be organized the task remains the same you need to teach the Bible, reach out to new people, and care for those already in your group. You may find that when you begin this process that your group is “TOO BIG”. At that point you could start a new class or classes or have multiple leaders share responsibilities. 

If you do have ideas on how we can do in-reach or outreach more effectively please share. 

Children’s Sunday School Teachers

Most likely you are in the room with just one other person and you do not have enough adults to fill all the responsibilities mentioned above. I would say do these three things.

1. Let the parents know you appreciate them, even when they don’t say they appreciate you.

2. Let the parents know you appreciate their kids! Parents love to hear someone braging on their kids, even when its a stretch sometimes…haha!

3. Love those kids. Be gentile, patient, and kind.

When you do notice a family has not been their in a while try to send them a post card. Kids love getting mail, even when they can’t read it. It show the parents that you care!

Student Sunday School Teachers

We are working on getting into your hands lists to help you do in-reach, outreach, and follow-up more effectively. We need to follow up with these kids. Send them a hand written note, it will mean the world to them. Work with the other adults in your group to help the students participate in the out reach and follow up process. Also organize a lunch or a party and enjoy hanging with those teenagers!

That’s All For Now,

Pastor Brandon