Jun 16

Sunday School Teacher: Preparation


Last time I mentioned a few essentials that I think every Sunday School or small group leader who is teaching or facilitating a class must do each week. These are things that everyone has heard of and which have the potential to be game changers in your class. You can see that post here:  Sunday School Teacher Essentials.

Today I want to talk about preparation. While it is mentioned in the last blog entry I would like to spend a little time today talking about how to prepare and what a week of preparation might look like for a Sunday School or Small Group leader. These might seem obvious but i think they need to be mentioned.


One of the worst things you can say as a teacher is “well this week was so busy and I did not have time to prepare.” That should be the exception not the rule. We just have to find the time to prepare a quality lesson each week. Your charisma and personality may help your teaching style but, nothing can substitute a well prepared lesson. So, if I was going to teach a sunday school lesson what might I do to prepare.

Monday. I would set aside some time and read through the entire lesson or at least half of the lesson depending on its length; making notes as I go to things that are especially interesting or inspiring to me. Depending on how the leader book is set up, there may be sections that help you as you prepare lessons. Take advantage of these instructions.

Tuesday-Thursday: Try breaking down the lesson into sections and focusing on 1 of these sections each day. Pray as you go through and ask God how this can apply to the lives of your students and fellow learners. Also, think of examples that you could use to drive home key points. Some of the best examples come straight from your life. If no real life example can be thought of, an object lesson or a dramatic picture might be used.

Friday-Saturday: It would be a good idea to go straight through the lesson at least one time before getting in front of your class. There is no worse feeling than getting in front of people without your lesson being completely thought through and “ready”.(I’m speaking from experience on this one, too many times…haha)

Sunday: You’re ready! Again, Pray for God to use your lesson. Pray for Him to speak through you and make it all about Him! I know you’ll do great!, God will bless your time and efforts!

Thanks for checking in today! Remember no “Saturday Night Specials”, which is when you look at your lesson on Saturday night and expect it to be great. I say all this affectionately.

Prayers for you as you prepare this week.

Pastor Brandon