Aug 04

SLU 2018 Trip Info


SLU 101: January  12-15, $250


SLU101emailWould you consider sending your student to Student Leadership University 101? SLU was such a great experience for me last year. Let me give you some of the quotes I wrote down.

“The goal of this week is to give you a 20 year head start in your leadership, personal relationship, and time management skills.” Jay Strack, Founder of SLU

“Leadership begins at the feet of Jesus.” Brent Crowe, President of SLU

“Make everything you touch a little better and a little brighter.” Tom Mullins, President, EQUIP

As I go back through my notebook I am encouraged again by the memories I was able to make in that environment with last year’s group. I know that the lessons learned can help guide them to be leaders passionate about impacting their world for Christ. I truly believe that SLU will be a huge benefit to your student and you will see the results when they come home.

A description from SLU’s website…
Shape your students’ future through the ultimate experience at SLU 101! Your students will begin their leadership journey by understanding that leadership begins at the feet of Jesus. From behind the scenes at Sea World to world-class speakers in exclusive learning environments, SLU 101 teaches your students the practical, relational, and life skills to change the way they think, dream, and lead!
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The cost of this trip is normally $600 but we BELIEVE in this so much that we will be helping cover the cost. If you are interested please do not let money keep you from letting your students participate.

All trips require a current Medical forms that can be found

HERE. We try to get a new one each school year. You may have already done this.

You will also need the following forms in the SLU 101 Parent Packet: SLU101WinterWeekConferencePacket

The cost will be around $250 with $100 deposit due at sign up. Registration deadline is September 1. All information about this highly intensive leadership development program can be found at the link below.  Let me know if you have any questions Thanks!

We offer a payment plan to help you by spreading out the expense. Please follow the payment plan.

Deadline with $100 deposit October 1

Payment Schedule

November $100

December $50

SLU 301 Info

At SLU 301, the leadership journey continues deeper into history as students traverse Europe, learning to think bigger about the world. As students experience the sacrifices made in the past and consider the worldviews of great philosophers who have paved the way, they learn that leaders are called to shape history and leave a legacy for Jesus that is larger than themselves.

JULY 22 – 29, 2018

The total cost of the trip will be at most $3500. However you will need money for meals on travel days and for shopping. I would plan to raise $4000. I am working diligently to try and get that cost down. Our initial deposit of $350 will be due October 1. Here is all the info I have at this point.

2017 info packet, I will update with 2018 when available. 301webConferencepacket2017-1

Some ideas for fundraising. 301FundraisingPlan2018


  • London
  • Oxford
  • Normandy
  • Paris


  • Learn the meaning of sacrifice while standing on the beaches of Normandy
  • Walk the halls of the Louvre, witnessing the art of history inspired
  • Have a backstage pass into the lives of Churchill, Wesley, Newton, Dickens, and Bunyan
  • See with new eyes from the top of the Eiffel Tower
  • Understand church history in St. Paul’s Cathedral, Wesley’s Chapel, and Notre Dame
  • Explore the ideas that led C.S. Lewis to Christ inside Holy Trinity Church where he worshiped by the Creator
  • Dream like a history-maker

You can read more about 301 at