May 26

Planning On-Purpose Time With Your Teen


The phraPH2015teenonpurpurposese for this month that we are focusing on is “on purpose.” There are so many things that we give priority to and make sure that we are intentional about. Is spending time with your teenager one of those things? Are you “on purpose” or intentional about scheduling a specific time with your teen with no outside distractions? Do you think your teenager even cares?

This video brings a good concept to light. While we spend a lot of time planning our schedules according to what “has to” get done work, groceries, cleaning the house, getting to practice on time, etc… Do you ever plan some intentional time with your kids? This is something that I have not done enough. Even though my kids are all younger I know this is a very important concept to put into practice.

Take a moment if you will and watch this video about what our teenagers think about spending “on purpose” time with their parents. It might just surprise you!

Equipping Parents,