Sep 30

Passion vs. Preparation (3 ways to be more prepared)

Passion – Strong and barely controllable emotion

Preparation – devising, putting together or drawing up plans

If you are going to do something for a living it would seem to be pretty important that you are passionate about it. Whether it is your a calling, a job, or a side hobby I would hope that you would like to do it. I’ve seen people who were passionate but have no discipline crash and burn in a presentation or talk.

To be honest sometimes I fit in that second category. I’ve experienced plenty of crash and burns or all out bombs than I care to admit. I’ve prayed and I’ve looked over the passage or subject then just “gave it to the Lord” only to have “the Lord” not honor it for my lack of preparation and discipline. It’s not so much about my passion as it is my lack of preparation and discipline.

I live in the pastoral world that says “they don’t care how much you know until they know that you care” and while thats true, I believe in excellence and have settled to give less than prepared talks. It’s not that I lack passion its that I lack the discipline to sit down and finish what I started. I think it has to do with our…. look a bird… I mean ADD culture. It is because of our lack of attention span or attention to detail that sometimes allows things to go unfinished.

I want to encourage all 3 of you who read this to do what you do with excellence. Don’t settle for less than complete or at least thoroughly prepared and prayed over talks or presentations. Allow you passion to be an additive to your preparation not an excuse for being un prepared.

Here are three ways to be more prepared for your next talk.


This seems like a no brainer. I know all who read this will be a Christ follower. When you are setting out to do anything it is to be for the glory of God (Colossians 3:17) so it makes sense that we include God in our preparation.

Finish your thought.

Sit down until you finish your complete thought, don’t get up in the middle of your preparation. It is so easy to get distracted and forget to complete your thought. Sometimes when you get back around to it you con’t remember what you wanted to say or include in the presentation.

Know your presentation.

I want to know what I am talking about so well that I don’t need notes. I still use notes but only as a reference. When you prepare ahead of time your talk has time to stew in your heart and you can really allow your passion to shine through. Don’t mistake someones style or passion for their not knowing the material.

That’s all for now!