Sep 24

Parenthood: Touch Topics (I need your help for this to work)

ParenthoodFIRaising your teen is hard! I want to help you. I am not saying that I have all the answers but I am willing to try and find some answers or at least some tips or suggestions. I subscribe to a website called and they provide helpful article and tools that I will pass on to you.

But what are some tough things that you have encountered and need help addressing?

What are some topics that you would like us to cover at Hydrate, our student worship service?

For this to work I need your input. I will keep responses confidential and post answers on my blog, but I will keep out the names to protect the innocent.

Some topics could include…

How to leave a Legacy that matters

Reacting Vs. Responding when talking to your teen.

How to have spiritual conversations with your students

How to have “the talk’ with your students.

Talking about sexting with your teen.

Thanks for your input. I look forward to addressing a number of challenging issues/topics with you and your students.

You are a blessing,

Bro. Brandon