Jan 07

Make it a Habit

I love new beginnings! Whether it is a Monday, the first of the month, the start of the new school year, or of course New Years. It gives me a time to look back and say “how did I do?”.

I love to evaluate and see my success and failures and make a plan to improve. Now plans are only good if you follow them. This is where I fail a lot. I have some great ideas but often times fall short on following through.

That’s where habits come in. We all have them, good ones and bad ones. they come in all shapes and sizes and they can make you or break you.

They say it takes 21 days to make a habit. the problem with this is that we are used to instant gratification and are not willing to put in the work required to make a lasting impact on our lives.

I made significant strides in 2017 with diet and exercise. I lost 20 pounds and began to eat better but i failed to make it a habit. So towards the end of the year I regressed and fell back into my bad habits. So I need to commit to the fight through the pain and make it a habit or a change in my behavior. After all “no pain, no gain” right?

So here it is again with 2018, what habits can I form to be a better Christ follower, Husband, Father, and student pastor? I am just going to list one of each.

  • be consistent in Bible reading and Study
  • support and encourage my wife daily
  • spend intentional time with my kids
  • seek out students who seem to need counsel

As I begin this new year there are more areas I want to improve in like exercise and eating habits, which I will work at too. But these are a few to get me started. I need to me more specific for myself in these areas but you can get the idea.

Praying for great growth in my life, spiritually, not physically, and personally.