Oct 15

If Not Jesus, Then What?

BPblogifnotjesusI make it a point to visit students as school. I usually go to lunch on Wednesdays. I look around for the students I recognize. Some students actually wave or call out “Hey Pastor Brandon!”. When they wave or call out I see that as an invitation to come over and talk to them.

Our conversation normally goes something like this…

Them: Hey! What are you doing here?

Me: I’m here to see you! What is that you are eating? That does not look like lunch?

Them: Yeah its what they serve at school.

Me: You gonna come join us tonight at Hydrate?

Them: Maybe…

Me: Well you should come and bring a friend or three! Then I give them our awesome Hydrate invite cards!HydrateInviteBCLEAF-1HydrateInviteBCLEAF-2                   Normally the conversation ends with us both laughing and me walking to another table. However for two weeks in a row now I have talked to a student who said something to like this…

“I went to three different church they never mentioned Jesus. I thought that was the point. If I’m not going to hear anything different than what I hear at school then why bother going to church?”

I of course said well you haven’t been to our church!

So I ask the question, If not Jesus, then what? Think about it. Students are lost and hurting and looking for hope. If they show up and do not find what they are looking for then they will leave. I have prayed for two weeks now that I will get the opportunity to see this student again. I am praying that they will come and hear the truth about Jesus and see He is the only hope that we have.