Sep 16

I Challenge You!

At Hydrate we have been looking for a way to challenge our students to grow in Christ. We set expectation but have honestly struggled to measure their progress. Discipleship is often very heard to measure. How do you measure transformation? I guess you measure it by the difference you see in a person’s life.

I forget who said it as this years Global Leadership Summit but “what gets measure get done.” I believe this is true and  to that end I am going to start the Essential Challenge at Hydrate! The Essential Challenge is a challenge for to students to stop talking about wanting to grow spiritually and do it. We will provide an Essential Connection magazine for those who want one, or you can get the app here. The download costs $1 per month but for those of you who are digital it is worth it, I’ll probably get it that way.

Essential Challeneg

The Essential Connection offers students opportunities to…

  • Delve into God’s great story of redemption as revealed in Scripture—from Genesis to Revelation.
  • Examine the story, learn how it affects their lives and personal relationship with God.
  • Be challenged to live out God’s story in their world.
  • Each daily devotion is interactive and invites students to reflect, read, and write as they dig into Scripture.

It also offers…

  • Prayer prompts
  • Spiritual discipline prompts
  • Bible reading plan
  • Memory verses
  • Sermon note pages

Here is what we are going to do. We are going to ask in family groups who has done their daily devotions and Bible reading, we will also offer times for you to tell us your memory verse. Each week that you do each of these you will be entered into a drawing for a gift card of some sort. I know its not much and its bribing but it is my heart to encourage students to encounter God each day!

So consider yourself challenged!

Let’s Grow,

Bro. Brandon