Oct 02

GROW Teams: Starts Tuesday!

GROW ADWe are getting read to start our GROW groups. GROW groups are teams that go out and visit on Tuesday night.

Visitation is a lost art in the church today. Many churches do not even do it anymore. They say “it’s old school and it does not work”. I disagree.

When people feel loved and valued they are most likely to give the church a chance for the first time or again. People want to belong. In a world that is connect by social media and cell phones it is still easy to feel overlooked and lonely. So when people feel like they have a place where they can come and feel connected they want to come.

The church’s mission point is to two fold.

1. Evangelize the lost.

We visit those who have visited the church or those whose information has been given to us by a friend or family member. You could call these visit ‘prospect visits”. During a prospect visit you want to try and share the gospel so that the person would be saved or to find out if they are saved. Then we want to get that new believer connected to our church in Sunday School for discipleship. There should be other discipleship happen to.

2. Disciple the saved.

It is also good to visit those who already belong to the church. These visit can be a good time to reconnect and remind people we do care about them and we have been missing them. Sometimes people are just going through stuff and need encouragement. It is good for us to not only focus on reaching new people but also connecting deeper with people who are already a part of the fellowship.

Here are a few tips for success on visitation.


Prepare spiritually for the visit. Pray for distractions that may happen. Pray for an open door. Pray for receptive hearts. Pray for the words to say.

Take something for them.

When you show up with something for them usually people are more receptive to you being there. Take something as simple as a welcome packet with info about the church. You could also take fresh made cookies or something of that nature. I was at church where we did this and we became known as the church who took our visitors home banana nut bread.

Know who is in charge.

Before each visit have a plan on who will be doing the talking. It is never a good feeling when you are talking with someone and you get interrupted by someone else on your team. Take turns and have discernment when your team may need your help.

I’m excited about what God is going to do with GROW.

That’s all for now,