Jan 29

Follow-Up Ideas

followupideasThis is “hypothetical” situation. Say a new person visits your church, no matter their age, what happens to them when they leave? Some say I don’t know who cares? Well you should. Whether you are a pastor, sunday school teacher, or other lay leader at the church you should care what happens to that person and you should have a follow up plan.

Following up is hard work so many, if not most, churches just let it fall by the wayside. I have recently had a revival in the follow-up category and am hard at work trying to come up with a plan that will not let people disappear easily. The problem is not allowing people who want anonymity to not be anonymous in our churches anymore.

So how do you follow-up with people who want to be anonymous? Thats a trick question. because in reality everyone wants to be wanted. So a simple follow-up touch from you or your church will speak wonders into their lives. It will tell them they matter enough to you and our church that you actually took a card they took time to fill out or got their information somehow and reach out to them.

So what does or what could follow-up look like?

In student ministry when a new student comes I like to get them to fill out a card. If they are on Facebook I send them message to let them know I am glad they came and hope to see them again. Sometimes thats all there is. That’s not enough.

Post Card Follow-up

I am starting to develop a few different post cards for follow-up. One will be for first time guests and will say thanks for coming and have a coupon for our Refuge Cafe to get something for free. next will be one for someone we have not seen in a while, a kind of we miss you card, this will include a message of encouragement and a coupon. Finally I will also have one for our committed students and try to send them a encouraging word and letter letting them know I am thankful to be their pastor.

Get the Youth Group involved

Operation Cookie Drop – I was introduced to this by our students. We bake cookies and do some old-fashioned visitation. We either follow-up with prospects that have been to our group or a friend of one of the students. This allows your students to catch the vision of reaching out and inviting their friends.

Phone Call Party – I got this idea from a friend of mine. Basically it is what it sounds like. You get prospects who have visited your group and you have students call and invite them to a special event or your weekly activities. When students get a “pastoral” call they sometimes can dismiss it as just another adult but when their friends call with concern they seem to listen better to their peers.

Social Media

Most every student has some sort of social media account often multiple. Without seeming like a stalker on social media you simply just send them quick messages to invite them back. You can comment on some of their posts where appropriate. You can also “tag” students in your ministry in photos or posts of your own. I know they love being tagged, as long as its not an embarrassing photo..haha.


That’s All for now. What has worked for you and your ministry?

– Brandon