Nov 18

Family Devotional Christmas (Advent) Resources

advent-bannerChristmas is a wonderful time of year. It is also a busy and stressful time for many. It busy because of the added parties and family gatherings plus other responsibilities that come with the Christmas season such as getting the perfect gift for your kids, family, spouse, etc… It is stressful because of all of the above, especially family dinners (you know what I am talking about).

There is also another thing that often gets to me during this time of the year. I wonder how I am doing with my kids. What am I teaching them about Thanksgiving and Christmas. Are they just noticing the parties and the stress on gifts and family or are they learning what it means to be thankful and that Christmas is not about the gifts that we give and receive from people but it is the gift that Jesus gave us.

Not sure if I am alone on this but just wanted to share that though and provide a few resources to help you teach your family about the true meaning of Christmas!

ChecklistImage_AdventGive your families an Advent Calendar for Christmas this year! We’ve designed one that will guide them through the Christmas story and give them fun ways to show compassion as a family. Download one of the three sizes and SEND it through email or prepare it and give it as a gift in person. (We love the gift idea!) Find it HERE ——>  AdventCalendar_8.5×11 – Multiple Page_Calendar_8.5×11

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 4.02.06 PMIt’s that time of the year again. Anyone else ever felt like a “Christmas Failure” as a parent? I have. It happens almost every year as a matter of fact. I attempted to keep Jesus as the center with a variety of ideas from books, others and the web. My best intentions to have 25 full days of Christ-centric activities usually end on about December 4th. In an effort to “bless” my neighbors I have stayed up until 3 AM baking cookies (with my families help) only to be barking at everyone about the need to make them correctly. I want to believe my children have truly taken to heart what Christmas is about, but I usually seem to be the worst example. Instead, as I run around making sure others are taken care of my attitude sinks into a black hole. Go Get It HERE ——> Advent_Ebook