Aug 06

Expectations For Students


Students do not succeed because we do not expect them to.

What do you think about that statement?

I was blown away this past week when I saw students in our student ministry step up and exceed the expectations that were set for them. We will always have mediocre results in our student ministry unless we set expectations.

What expectations do you think need to be set?

I met with our Student Leaders last night and we came up with the following. These are in three “tiers” based on the students commitment level. We offer them so they have something to shoot for.

The Basics: Reading your Bible & Prayer (A Quiet Time), taking notes (paying attention), and Wednesday night attendance. This is the basics for anyone wanting to grow as a Christian. We should expect this from everyone.

A Step Up: All of the above and Scripture memory, Sharing their faith (witnessing), serving in the student ministry in some way (tech, drama, welcome team, bible reader, prayer, etc…), Attendance to Sunday AM & PM

On Fire: These are the ones who are going for it! As they are being discipled they are also discipling someone else (at lunch, texting, where ever.) Serve outside the student ministry somewhere else in the church or the community and reading a Christian growth book.

This is just the beginning to the great things God has in store for our Student ministry. We hope to challenge and encourage our students to live for Christ now and impact their world. We must equip the students to be successful!


That’s all for now,

Brandon Phillips