Mar 22

Student Ministry: Evaluation & Education.

ED&EVToday’s post is one of evaluation and education. I believe there should be frequent evaluation in your ministry if it is going to be successful. If there is no evaluation then there is no way of knowing if what you are doing is working.

Everyone_Wins_When_a_Leader_Gets_BetterThere also needs be be constant education to the leaders who are under you. Again if there is no moving forward in ones learning then the organization can become stagnant and die. I love this quote by Bill Hybels “Everyone wins when a leader gets better”. When leaders make a commitment to get better or learn the whole group gets better.

What this has to do with student ministry? I am glad you asked. In the past Youth Ministers have been seen as lazy bums with dirty clothes who show up late to everything. Nowadays I would say that is not the case. There may still be a few of those “free-loading” type youth pastors but they are ineffective and frustrating. However most of the Youth Pastors I know take their jobs very seriously and are very concerned with doing what they do with great effectiveness.

When Youth Pastors take their jobs seriously and commit to learning then that will bring up the entire team they work with from adult volunteers to the student they lead. Many Youth Pastors network and have roundtable discussions on various topics just so they can get better. (You can see some examples check out Youth Ministry Plus.) I believe this leads to better quality ministry and thats why I take education and evaluation seriously. 

That being said here is a video for you to consider. Its from Doug Fields at Download Youth Ministry. Also here is a A Simple Way to Impact a Teenagers Life.PDF for you to use as you go through it!

Hope it helps have a great day.

That’s All For Now,

Brandon Phillips