Mar 12

Pray for Lake Area 2015 Disciple Now!

Disciple Now Weekend (Dnow) is this weekend, April 10-12. The cost is $40 a student.I wanted to take a moment and fill you in our theme for this year, and to also ask you to begin to pray for us as we head into this meaningful time in the life of our youth ministry.

As the parent of a teenager, there’s no doubt you’ve watched your child’s identity change and evolve. So much of the stuff they do, places they go, clothes they wear, music they listen to, and even the things they say are influenced by other people. Their lives are often imitations of those around them. In essence, they are whom they imitate. And, depending on who they’re around, there are times when this can be a really negative thing.


But there is a positive side of imitation. There’s a kind of imitation that unlocks potential instead of putting a lid on it. There’s a way of being an imitator that actually finds them doing and being exactly what they were intended to do and be. And this kind of imitation is what our DNow Weekend is all about.

Your child is about to be embarking on a study entitled Imitator, a powerful time of Bible study and application, learning about the God-imitating life Scripture calls us to. Imitator will teach your child what the Bible says about:

  • The call all throughout the Bible to live as imitators of God
  • What this looks like in our daily lives
  • The purpose and motivation behind living this God-imitating life
  • The power we have through the Spirit to actually live as God’s children

Studies show that you are the most influential force in your child’s life as it pertains to shaping his or her spiritual identity. My goal in these updates is to equip you to help continue and build on the process we will have started during our DNow Weekend.

To register you can go to create an account or sign in, click give a new gift, then select Discipleship NOW and give $40. That’s it! do it right now! It’s gonna be a great weekend! Please be praying for our ministry, your child, and your child’s friends as we challenge them with this relevant, timely message from the Bible. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me at or 352.473.7261

A Little more info on DNow 2015.

We are joining together with churches from the Lake Area for disciple now. We will be staying is host homes and be led in Bible study by college aged leaders. This will be an awesome time of hanging out with your peers and learning from God’s word. We will have joint worship services, games, and community service projects that do with other youth groups from the community. Sign up today at your youth group!

Disciple Now 2015

April 10-12

What is Disciple Now?

A weekend event in homes. We have worship together at the church then college aged bible study leaders lead the students in small group bible studies at the host homes. This is a weekend of encouragement and worship for our students as well as those who host them.

Here’s how you can help!

Prayer Partner – Pray, pray, pray!

Please commit to pray this weekend that God would transform our students into committed followers! Pray now through April!

Any help is greatly appreciated!

You are so important to making this event happen. Thank you for your support and participation is discipling our students! If you are willing to help please check box and return to Bro. Brandon or the church office. You can also contact Brandon at or 352.473.7261