Feb 10

3 Reasons why Small Groups Are Important

small_groupsI am a firm believers that small groups are important. I think it is vital that believers be plugged into a community of other like minded followers of Christ and talk about God’s Word and what God is doing in their lives. This is a support group of sorts that allows us to get involved in each others lives.

When people attend worship at a church and never get plugged into the small group ministry they tend to drift away because there is no real connection. They often leave feeling unwelcome or at the least unconnected. This is disheartening to church leadership because we are in the people business and want everyone to feel connected and loved.

So why should you be a part of a small group?(this is just the beginning of this list.)

  • “Life change happens best in circles not rows” Andy Stanley’s quote on this speak to the heart of the small group ministry. If a person only comes to worship in a large group setting chances are they will not get past a superficial fellowship level. When you are in circles, in a small group, you are looking at each others faces and hearing from their heart. It is when we share our hearts and talk about what God is doing that we begin to see life change!
  • Small groups make churches personal. This has to do with the issue of life change. The main goal of the spiritual life is transformation. We cannot begin to see spiritual transformation if we do not share our personal thoughts and feeling with someone. Let me encourage you to find a small group get plugged in and see how God works in your heart simply by doing life together with that small group.
  • Small Groups are a great place for questions. I am a firm believer that asking questions is how you learn. In fact I have encouraged our students to ask questions and seek answers. We have started and “Own It” Challenge. The basic premise is you grow in your faith by asking questions seeking answers, and talking about those answers with others. So questions are good.

This is not an complete list and I plan to add to it later…


Brandon Phillips