May 04

3 Benefits of Being In A Small Group

smallgroupSummer is fast approaching and the calendar is full. Full of vacations and trips that will likely keep you busier than you want to be. With the business of the Summer season comes the temptation to takes days off when you can. Unfortunately for many people that temptation will come on Sunday mornings, when they don’t have to work and the weathers nice.

As the great country theologian Brad Paisley says “There ain’t nothing that’ll test your faith like a long sermon on a pretty Sunday.”

Actually this is not only a Summer problem. It seems to be a year round problem. If you agree let me hear you say “Amen”. There never seems to be enough time on the calendar for personal growth, family discipleship, and church attendance. We have replaced what used to be a no brainer, church attendance, with a slew of other options that are given the same importance.

Church gets treated like another “extra-curricular” activity and we wonder why our kids leave it after High School. They leave because they never got “plugged in” in the first place. So Let me remind you of 3 benefits of being in a small group.

Life Change Happens in Small Groups

There is something about being in a large worship gathering. We feed off the energy of the congregation. But there is only so much processing and talking through life that can happen during the “welcome time”. I am reminded of what Andy Stanley Pastor of North Point Community Church says “Life change happens best in circles, not rows.”

Small Groups Make Church Personal

Have you ever been to church and felt alone in a crowd? I know I have. It’s very possible for someone to come to church and remain anonymous. Sometimes this is by choice and other times it is because the church is too big. It is much easier to hear someone’s story and get to know them in a group of 10-15.

You Can Ask Questions In Small Groups

Spiritual things can be confusing and intimidating. Small group is a great place to open up about your spiritual confusion and bring your questions about spiritual things. The main purpose of small group ministry,or Sunday School depending on your context, is discipleship.

This is the time when believers get together and dig into the Word. Most small group leaders I know welcome the challenge of having engaging discussion which includes questions from the group. And when they don’t know the answer they are willing to go and find it!

Let me just encourage you. Stay plugged into your small group this summer. If you are not in one go find one!

That’s all for now,